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Bundle Sets

Double the quantity, double the fun! Anything more than that is pure joy and happiness, so why don’t you grab your favourite products in bundles to save more and double up the happy equation? 

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US$116.60 US$93.28
Basic Care
US$108.12 US$86.50
Body Moisturisation
US$21.20 US$18.02
Body Care
US$19.08 US$15.90
Fight Colour Fade
US$34.98 US$31.16
Preserves colour radiance and shine
US$55.12 US$38.58
Delights scalp with anti-bacterial formula
US$19.08 US$16.22
Scalp SOS
US$34.98 US$31.16
Preserves longevity and softness of hair
US$28.62 US$24.33
Prevents hair loss and maintains strength
US$21.20 US$18.87
Greasy Crisis
US$34.98 US$31.16
Scalp smoother
US$64.66 US$45.26
Perfect haircare combo
US$19.08 US$17.49