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Having founded and registered C.Michael in London in 1988, Michael now leads the company with more than 40 years’ of experience in the hair & beauty industry, both internationally and locally. The industry is fast paced and demanding yet engaging, and this is exactly what attracted Michael in the first place. His passion for hair was developed over time through his apprenticeship with renowned hairstylists in United Kingdom.

As a small-town half Vietnamese-Chinese Malaysian boy, born and raised in Ipoh, he harboured burning desires to study interior design. Michael found himself landed in the UK in 1976 to do just that – but a turn of events chartered a new path in his life, which would be the beginning of something truly exciting and unexpectedly rewarding for this visionary hair maestro. This is his story, the founder and CEO of the internationally renowned hair and personal care brand, C.Michael London.

When in the UK, he was told by his sister that he was good with his hands, skilful and crafty, and that he should try to study hairdressing. Hence, Michael enrolled himself into the Robert Fielding School of Hairdressing. The course not only equipped Michael with the necessary knowledge and skills, but also cemented his passion and love for all aspects of hairdressing, which included the burning desire to one day own his own hair business.

After graduating, Michael knew all too well that he needed to sharpen and broaden his skill set. Therefore, he joined a reputable hair salon as a Junior Stylist at the Princess Arcade, Piccadilly, right in the heart of the West End, Central London, where all the established hair salons were. His boss quickly recognized his talent and trained him well. Under his tutelage, Michael advanced from a mere junior stylist into a sophisticated session hairstylist. His eagerness to learn also saw Michael taking up part time work over the weekends at the Malcolm Murphy Hair Salon.

The ‘hustle and bustle’ city life of the West End seemed less attractive to Michael after one and a half year. He had an innate urge to serve a different group of clients altogether. This desire saw Michael make a move to the suburbs of the UK instead – Harrow on The Hill, Middlesex, which was then a much slower-paced town. He worked in a salon there and fell in love with the place. The small-town charm kept Michael there for the next six to seven years, serving the affluent local clientele.

He honed his skills in haircuts, shape, angulation, volume, asymmetric looks (which by the way is Michael’s favourite till today), colour, and perm, and was constantly upgrading his expertise over the years by attending hair shows, seminars, major product launches and trade shows. Michael found immense satisfaction when he could make his clients happy with his hair work. Serving international clientele, Michael came to realize one interesting fact - with merely a pair of scissors, one could make or break a person’s image and style. That is how much power a hairstylist has in his or her hands.

Michael had a strong belief that it was the right time for him to venture into the salon-ownership business not long after. Hence, the very first C.Michael London salon opened its doors to the Londoners at Willesden, West London. Business was good. Three years down the road, it saw Michael opening his second salon, this time at Finchley Road, North West London, serving affluent clients from both areas.

Two years later, in 1989, Michael made the decision to sell off both his salons to take a break for a year and decided to head home. He went traveling and embarked on a series of market research back in Malaysia, as deep down, he knew that something much bigger was coming his way.

Destiny had Michael return to the UK once again in 1990 to open his third salon, in the suburban area Eastcote, Ruislip, West London. Community hairdressing was preparing him for yet another milestone of his career and life.

In 1992, armed with his knowledge and experiences in hairdressing abroad, Michael decided to open his own business back in Malaysia; he realised that the market was in desperate need of high quality hair care products but the existing ones were not up to his standards of excellence whilst yet being affordable. His foresightedness pushed Michael to set up a business that came with the manufacturing line to fill the gap in the Malaysian market. Our CEO brought his experience from London back to Malaysia and also opened his own state-of-the-art R&D laboratory and production facility, setting the standards and pioneering the hair care industry.

Being a firm believer in both science and the use of natural ingredients, C.Michael soon created a range of products using the best of both worlds: a line of high-performance professional haircare products based on the revolutionary Phytocelltec Malus Domestica™ and natural ingredients that are free of harmful chemicals. This and other personal care products from C.Michael are now distributed in Malaysia and other countries through established department stores, pharmacies, supermarkets, hypermarkets, and our own online retail website and C.Michael salons.

C.Michael also has its own exclusive hair and lifestyle salons, one situated in the heart of Kuala Lumpur within walking distance from The KL Twin Towers, and the other at upscale Bangsar just seconds away from the best restaurants, apartment buildings, art galleries, and sophisticated shopping venues. C.Michael and the salons have set a new benchmark for premium hair care products and homegrown salons in the heart of the city that revolutionises the industry.

Being infused with in-depth expertise in scalp and hair care, our brand continuously strives to offer cutting-edge products and services that are also affordable and accessible to all. These include hair care, hair colour, fragrances, bath and shower gels, body lotions, hand creams and whitening skincare range.

C.Michael is extremely appreciative of all our customers, patrons, and fans. Our social media is where we interact with every single one of them, and is also where they can keep updated with our stories, new products, launches, latest promotions, and contest. C.Michael’s online marketplace also provides our consumers with a convenient, easy-to-use purchasing platform to help them save time and effort in their daily lives.



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2011      C.Michael Permanent Hair Colour

2012      C.Michael Satin Shower Body Wash

2012      C.Michael Professional Stem Cell Series

2012      C.Michael Stem Cell Collection Series

2014      Hijabista Series

2015      Arisya Series

2016      C.Michael Eau De Parfum

2016      C.Michael Premium Quality Skin Care Series

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