Nothing can overcome a well-rested individual. One who works hard at her 9-to-5 and then
comes home to take care of his or her family is someone to be commended. Treating themselves
to a massage or a hair treatment once in a while shouldn’t be something to be scorned or scoffed
at, it should be a requirement in today’s hectic grind. If they takes care of themselves first,
everything else they need to do or anyone else under their care just seems that much more…
manageable. That’s why C. Michael is offering the limited-time Hair Spa promotion for all those
deserving, hardworking individuals the opportunity to replenish and...

“The measure of any society is how it treats its women and girls”- Michelle Obama.
It goes without saying that women are meant to be celebrated and venerated every day of
the year. Knowing the sacrifices womenkind, especially here in Malaysia, have made and the
challenges some of them have had to overcome inspired C. Michael London to hold the “Women
Assembled” showcase event. It is hoped that the invited guests, or “influencers”, women who will
share their experiences and joys, trials and tribulations, open their hearts and minds for us all to learn from.
To be held at Samba Restaurant's  on the 21st of April from 3pm-6pm, the...

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Kuala Lumpur, 20th January, 2018 – The brick-and-mortar artsy space of The Gasket Alley served as the perfect backdrop and...

Under the scorching heat of this Wednesday afternoon, we drove uphill through tiny meandering lanes, amidst Taman Desa and arrived at a bungalow building within a small quiet neighborhood at Old Klang Road. Yes, we were all ready to do our bit for the charity, something C.Michael London as a brand believes we should do, on a consistent basis.

Noble Care Malaysia is an establishment that puts the welfare of old folks and other residents who need nursing care, medical attention or treatments and palliative care at the heart of their modus operandi and vision. Headed by Dr. Ejaz, the CEO and a qualified medical professional himself,...