A NEW STRAND AWAKENING with GUY CAMMARANO by C.Michael London Featuring Konsvltan, A Meet and Greet Social Affair

A NEW STRAND AWAKENING with GUY CAMMARANO by C.Michael London Featuring Konsvltan, A Meet and Greet Social Affair

Kuala Lumpur, 20th January, 2018 – The brick-and-mortar artsy space of The Gasket Alley served as the perfect backdrop and location for C.Michael London’s very first private meet-and-greet social occasion of the new year of 2018 – A NEW STRAND AWAKENING with Guy Cammarano, one that reflects that retro industrial vibe, free-spirited yet creative and dare to be different, very much in lined with our belief in showcasing our own true interpretation towards hairdressing, allowing an individual’s personality to shine through one’s tress and hairstyle. C.Michael London brought together a group of 9 young models that evening. Working closely with our collaborating partner, Konslvtan for the models’ apparels, Guy Cammarano designed each and every model’s hair for the showcase. That evening, 3 main hair looks were unveiled – Retro, Pin Up Vintage and Street.

Guy put a twist into the conventional retro hair looks, infusing a little modern chic by making the hair a little used, not too clean, in his own words during the presentation upfront. “I want to give it more character instead of a normal clean cut and styling, yet still maintain its neatness and shape.” Mr. Guy explained.

The next hair look that was brought forward was the pin up vintage. With this, Mr. Guy approached it with a unisex look in mind, using back combing technique, creating texture and layering at the back and side of the crown, transforming a pin up vintage, injecting a breath of fresh air, giving the hair look an edgy feel.

Final look for the night, street hairstyle by Guy Cammarano saw a change of tune. Mr. Guy demonstrated on the model seated in front by trimming parts of her hair off, emphasising on the fact that he usually cut the person’s hair without having to keep a certain hair parting obviously visible in mind. For him, it is more about letting the hair take its natural form, yet be able to move whichever way the person wishes to style it. The model’s hair was almost covered upfront, to give it that peek-a-boo and a mysterious vibe, according to Mr. Guy to entice the admirer onto the model.

Each piece of apparel for the night was carefully planned, executed and tailor-made for each individual model for the showcase, presenting the unique approach of the Sultan Kl Studio fashion brand by Konsvltan. The brand is a series of street wear based on a combination of immersive art and acute tailoring and design. The makeup and looks on the model were deliberately kept dusty and polluted, almost dirty edgy yet in a beautiful paradoxical manner with the saturation of strong bold colours on the eyes, cheeks and lips to elicit the grunginess palette of the street wear and hair styles.

The occasion was also an evening to introduce to the guests our newly improved Stem Cell Professional Hair Care range, a collection specially formulated with Swiss Technology, one that is infused with Apple Stem Cell to strengthen, revitalise and reenergised the strand leaving it healthier and shinier, with renewed vitality. The evening ended with an intimate face-to-face chat amongst the guests and Mr. Guy Cammarano, learning a thing or two about the hair industry both in Malaysia and the UK and some related hair topics. The mingling session trailed into the night quietly, ending the occasion on a meaningful note.


About Guy Cammarano

Passionate, disciplined, and creative, Italian-born and UK-raised hair maestro Guy Cammarano has spent a great deal, if not most of his life transforming looks, making one’s hair the centre of attention. Backed by more than 40 years of experience in the hairdressing industry, his journey is undoubtedly a truly remarkable one. It was through the world of hair that he developed and shared his passion for education, culminating into a career that spanned beyond the UK to Europe, South America, the United States, Canada, Russia, South East Asia, Egypt and India.

Named North America Men’s Hairstylist For The Year for 1996 and 2000, Guy had the pleasure to work on various projects ranging from music videos, runway shows, photo shoots to London Fashion Weeks, press shows with Wella, L’Oreal, Fudge, Debenhams, music awards and the likes. His extensive experience as an Educational Director, Art Director, Creative Director and International Consultant for renowned hair companies like Vidal Sassoon, Suki’s, Arum, Toni & Guy, Keune, TIGI, Regis UK, just to name a few, has given him the edge to be one of the best in the hairdressing industry, one which is always challenging yet inspiring.


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